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Tailored Solutions

At Pactap, we fine-tune our strategies to suit your unique needs—whether you’re targeting a specialized market or a vast audience. Businesses can specify their preferences and budgets allowing partner companies to customize solutions that match with the product requirements. 


Access to Targeted Customers

Unleash your potential! We link you with eager, pre-qualified clients, streamlining your lead-generation efforts and saving you valuable time. Get access to the best packaging solution companies that have partnered with Pactap to deliver premium and customized solutions.


Consistency and Reliability

Count on Pactap as your steadfast sales and marketing ally, ensuring a steady stream of validated leads. We provide timely assistance and innovative solutions and believe in building long-term relations. Let us drive clients to your door while you focus on exceeding customer needs! 

Global Inquiries

The suppliers will have the opportunity to gain access to a wide array of global inquiries originating from potential buyers. They will be able to view and respond to requests for product quotations from buyers around the world, expanding their reach and business opportunities into a global network of potential customers.

On Time Remittances

The manufacturer benefits from punctual, hassle-free payments for their exceptional products and services. This reliability in financial transactions underscores the seamless partnership between the suppliers and their global clientele, ensuring smooth operations and sustained growth in the industry.

Direct Relationship with Buyers

Manufacturers can establish a transparent, direct relationship with their buyers. This fosters clear communication, enabling seamless interaction and understanding between parties. It ensures a personalized approach, enhancing trust and collaboration, ultimately fortifying long-term business connections.

Seamless Order Handling

The Pactap Portal streamlines end-to-end order management, offering manufacturers a comprehensive solution for handling and fulfilling orders seamlessly. This centralized platform optimizes the entire process, from order initiation to fulfilment, ensuring efficiency and accuracy, consequently enhancing customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

Vendor Order Process

  • Create Profile

    Create a profile with images and details as Customers approach you with a clear understanding of your capabilities.

  • Share Quotes

    On the basis of the product shared, share the best possible prices to the customers.

  • Add Estimates

    Share details like Lead Time, Estimated Production Start and End date etc. with the customers

  • Accept Orders

    Accept the incoming orders from the customer and receive the PO

  • Update Order Details

    Update the order status like actual production start date, end date, production images, and produced quantity.

Fill in the Signup form or send us an email at vendors@pactap.com with your contact information to get started. Our vendor team will contact you within 24-48 hours.

To answer any of your queries or questions, send us an email listing all of them at vendors@pactap.com.

Vendor registration on our portal is completely free of charge.

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