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Why work with us

A List of Benefits That We Offer


Timely Payments

Manufacturer gets timely payouts for their products and services


Free Subscription

Subscription model is available for manufacturers for free and there is no registration fee.



The manufacturers have access to verified queries from customers located all over the world.

A brief overview of who we are

What is PACTAP?


We leverage the power of technology to collaborate with vendors from different parts of the world and enable them to reach a global customer base. Our platform is also incredibly efficient, allowing manufacturers to quickly and easily build a brand identity and make their products stand out from the competition.

Overcoming obstacles to production & growth

Challenges That
Manufacturers Face


Working Capital

Inefficiencies in working capital management
are a major challenge for manufacturers which
is a result from a lack of insight into working
capital performance.


Production Efficiency

Reduced production efficiency spurred by multiple
factors, like seasonal demand, a high volume of
SKUs and consumers, and an unsystematized
ordering procedure.


Limited Market

Manufacturers online presence has become the standard,
but it also comes with the new challenge of establishing a
solid brand presence.


How We Can Help You?

  • How do I register as a vendor on Pactap's portal?

    Send us an email at with your contact information to get started. Our vendor team will contact you shortly.

  • Who do I contact in case of any queries related to the portal?

    To answer any of your queries or questions, send us an email listing all of them at

  • Is vendor registration chargeable?

    Vendor registration on our portal is completely free of charge.

How We Can Help You?

Fill in your email and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours

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