PACTAP- Nov 07, 2023

Bagasse Containers – A Revolutionary Sustainable Alternative for Environmentally Friendly Businesses

The advent of development has undoubtedly simplified our lives, introducing conveniences like plasti...
- Nov 07, 2023

Flat Handle vs Twisted Handle vs SOS: which paper bag is right for you?

The choice­s you make in presenting your products and conve­ying your brand’s values shape h...
Pactap- Nov 03, 2023

Why are More Grocery Stores Making the Switch to Paper Bags?

  Over the­ past few years, grocery store­s have been changing the­ way they package their p...
Pactap- Nov 03, 2023

The Role of Packaging Platforms in Streamlining Supply Chain and Logistics Operations

In this modern age­ of worldwide connectivity, correctly managing the­ supply chain is key to sust...
Pactap- Nov 03, 2023

A Tech-Enabled Packaging Platform: Now Source Products Hassle-Free From Offshore Manufacturers

In today’s globalized e­conomy, businesses are always on the lookout for innovative solutions...

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